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04 December 2010

Shills Feminine Spray ~ SOLD OUT ~

SHILLS Feminine Spray - Refreshing and Anti-Bacterial
  • Refreshing cherry blossoms fragrance and cooling sensation reduces unpleasant odors from sweat, menstruation and other body fluids. 
  • The sheer dry spray creates a shield on skin’s surface to fight wetness so that skin can breathe natural and private areas stay clean and dry. 
  • The skin friendly formula suits women of all ages and does not affect natural PH levels. 
  • A spray that satisfies women’s need for soft velvety smooth skin.
Capacity: 70ml

Directions For Use :
  1. Shake gently before use. 
  2. Hold approximately 20 to 30cm away from skin and spray gently. 
  3. Alternatively spray directly on underwear lining and sanitary pads for refreshing sensation. 

PRICE : RM45.90