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04 December 2010

Baviphat Pore Tightening Ampoule ~ SOLD OUT ~

Baviphat is a Korean cosmetic brand which consists of makeup and skin care products. The World pop singer Beyonce and Korean singer, FT Island are talents for Baviphat.

Baviphat uses natural ingredients like fruits and fermented organic grains. It's suitable for a wide age range from those who are in their 20's to their 40's.

Baviphat takes care of the skin using antioxidant agent which is made from fruit extracts and fermented grains to keep skin soft and healthy. Especially good for pore care, whitening care and problem skin.

Packaged in a freaking cute containers that can easily caught anyone's eye. Just look at those fruity pots of lip tints and the paprika shaped bottles of skincare! So cute! Put a few on your dresser and you can pretend to be a grocer! Use up a few of them and if you have kids, they’d steal it off your dresser to play “masak-masak”!! (^_^)

Capacity : 30ml

Pore-tightening ample contains patented herb complex for light absorption to tighten widened pores. Witch hazel extracts and rosemary extracts will not only control sebum excretion but also prevent skin troubles, purifying skin for increased skin complexion.

Usage :
Apply appropriate amount on your skin. Tap lightly on your skin until the content absorb into your skin pores.

PRICE : RM49.90